You may have some questions as to what we do, how we do it and what can we do for you. Below are some questions and answers that you might find helpful. If you still have questions, please do get in touch with us via our contact page and we’ll be happy to answer your question(s).

Q: What is Faces of the Sea?

A: Faces of the Sea is a specialized SCUBA travel company that can work for you in planning and putting together your next dive holiday.

Q: How much will this cost me?

A: The cost to you is no more than if you were to book direct with the resort or liveaboard and sometimes we can pass you on some savings. We put the time and effort in planning your dive holiday, so you don’t have to.

Q: How are you different from other companies?

A: We have worked as dive instructors, dive guides in many of the locations we promote. We know personally many of the dive operators. We have lived many years overseas and have traveled extensively. We continue to travel and dive and seek out new destinations and check that the destinations we do feature, remain an excellent dive destination. Some other companies do not have the unique insight that we do and this is reflected in our honest feedback when discussing your plans.

Q: Do you have a store I can come and meet you at?

A: No, we are an office based company and we strive to be accessible via the telephone throughout the day and into the evening and we answer emails within 12 hours. If local to Edmonton, Alberta we are also happy to meet you in person (over a beer perhaps) and we like nothing better than discussing options with groups at club nights.

Q: Why are there no prices shown on your website?

A: We specialize in offering bespoke / tailor made dive holidays. Offering packages does not meet the needs of everyone and when planning your next dive vacation, you deserve better than being sold a package with elements you don’t want or need.

Q: Where is your company based?

A: We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are delighted to be of service to Canadian and North American divers and have both US$ and CAD$ accounts. Should you be from elsewhere we are happy to assist you, but please be aware banking fees / currency exchange fees would have to be met by you.

Q: What if i’m not sure where to go?

A: Not a problem and we would be happy to offer you our advice and recommendations. We work with you the customer and would normally ask you all or some of the following questions:

1) When do you wish to travel?

2) What is the duration of your travel time?

3) What is your budget?

4) How many people are travelling and of those travelling who are divers?

5) Do you have any special interest? Examples would be Underwater photography / sharks / ship wrecks / pelagic encounters / critter

6) Do you wish to use air miles or other loyalty programs for your flights?

7) What is your dive qualification / experience?

Q: If I decide upon a destination and wish to book, what next?

A: Having confirmed availability and discussed all aspects of your dive trip, we would then request a deposit and would detail the booking conditions and final payment time frame. We continue to be in touch with you even after the final payment has been made and we always like to follow up with you on your return from your trip to get feedabck.

Q: Is travel insurance and dive insurance required?

A: Ideally we recommend you have both travel insurance and dive coverage. many of the destinations we feature are remote and would require air evacuation in some cases. DAN is used by us when we travel but there are other options.


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