Amira liveaboard – Indonesia


Amira was built with locally grown timber by indigenous crafts men using ancient Pinisi boat building traditions. She is equipped with a state of the art navigation system, security and rescue equipment and technology. With a length of 52 meters Amira offers 8 comfortable double cabins and two single cabins, all equipped with personal showers and toilets and natural lighting. There is a cozy restaurant, a romantic lounge area and a huge sun deck and… and… and…a dream boat, our dive boat.

Amira Liveaboard.
Amira Liveaboard.

We asked: what would a perfect dive deck entail? The answer is for you to admire and explore: Generously designed space to gear up with a fixed site for each diver, several rinse tanks, plenty of surface space and a large camera room. All in all an ideal base camp for the most beautiful dive excursions in Komodo, Raja Ampat and Banda.

Amazing deck space to eat, relax and socialize.
Amazing deck space to eat, relax and socialize.

There are eight double cabins and two single cabins available for a total of 18 guests. All our double cabins can be set as either twin or double bed.

Five double bed (14m²) and 2 single cabins (8m²) are on the lower deck, while the other three double cabins (13m²) are located on the upper deck. All cabins are equipped with individual controlled air conditioner plus an extra fan, minisafe, en-suite bathroom with hot/cold water shower and western toilet.

For full charter service it would be possible to accommodate three people in lower deck cabins for a maximum of 24 guests.

Double Cabin.
Double Cabin.

Diving with Amira
Bruno Hopff originally from Switzerland is your tour director, a kind and highly competent host. Bruno has lived in Indonesia for the last seven years working as a dive guide and tour director. His enthusiasm is visibly contagious even after more than 4000 dives. He speaks German, English, French and Indonesian. As initiator and co-owner of Amira Dive & Travel GmBH he and his crew make the well being of everyone on board their ultimate goal.

A regular dive day on the Amira consists of usually four dives (3 during day time, 1 at night). Exceptions may occur (e.g. first and last day of a trip, crossings, and unfavorable weather conditions). Extensive debriefing takes place on the nature of each dive site before heading out to sea with the three dinghies. Every dinghy is equipped with a radio transmission system, emergency oxygen tanks and each diver wears an ENOS homing device. A carefully chosen and well trained dive guide is assigned to every group (4-5 divers). Nitrox (32%) and Nitrox courses are available for a fee.

Every diver is assigned a personal space on the liberally designed and fully covered dive deck. The equipment remains mounted on the tank during the whole Safari and will be filled on situ. There are rinse tanks available, spaces to place cameras etc., and there is drinking water on deck. The camera room is spacious and easily accessible.

Upon request dive courses can be organized following and adhering to PADI regulations.

Preparing for another amazing dive.
Preparing for another amazing dive.
Rigid Inflatable Boat.
Rigid Inflatable Boat.


This tour is known to include one of the best dive spots between the Moluccas and Raja Ampat. Muck diving in Ambon, diving among the history-rich Banda islands, as well as the coral reefs and micro organisms in Misool make this extensive tour a real adventure.

Ambon has the reputation to be one of the most fascinating muck diving destinations; it additionally offers beautiful reef diving. On dive sites such as Air Manis and Laha one can always find a large number of exceptional and rare ocean creatures. In Paila Tiga there are beautiful reefs and plenty of fish life.

The ensuing destination to be visited on this tour is among the Nusa Laut islands. Here one can find an abundance of various types of fish, strong currents and fascinating under water habitats. Even for spoilt divers, this is a rare treat.

Over many hundred years, the Banda islands were a place of bitter fighting associated with the rights and privileges of the at that time highly lucrative nutmeg trade. Nowadays only few people remember the bloody wars of past times. The real richness and beauty of these islands is now the magnificent marine life.

One of the best Mandarin fish dives within the Banda Islands is a Lava stream with fast growing corals and fascinating under water landscapes with an abundance of fish life to be seen. After an extensive ocean crossing the Amira will reach one of the best dive sites of Raja Ampat. Around the island of Misool guests can expect to see a wealth of different fish life, beautiful reefs, extensive macro organisms, sharks and wobegongs, as well as dives in strong currents. Dive sites such as Fiabacet and the Gorgonian passage make every diver’s heart beat a little faster. Having the highest biodiversity overall this exceptional dive site has garnered worldwide fame and accolades. Naturally we also offer the possibility to do a short excursion on land to take in the historic forts build under Dutch occupation during the time of the nutmeg trade.

Dive Briefing.
Dive Briefing.


Komodo is surely Indonesia’s most famous National Park. Besides a visit to the famous Komodo dragons during a land excursion there are also numerous magnificent dive sites to be found in this area.

Amira’s dive trips to the Komodo National Park and surrounding Islands embark either in Bali, Labuan Bajo or Maumere. This way, we are able to offer a variation of dive itineraries for this unique dive region.

After the first night-crossing the island of Satonda is reached where the first dives also take place.

During the second night the Amira arrives at the volcanic island of Sangeang. Here, amongst other things, the diving site Black Forest with its wealth of black coral, hot water springs and gas bubbles rising through the sand guarantee enthusiasm.

Following the dives in Sangeang, the island of Komodo is reached after a short crossing. Famous fish-rich sites like Castle Rock and Manta Valley make the divers´ heart beat faster. As here, strong currents lead to spectacular dives with abundant fish life, so that schooling fish, sharks or manta rays can almost be guaranteed.

The island of Rinca with its Horseshoe Bay is located south of Komodo. Magnificently covered drop-offs and exceptional macro dives make Rinca another highlight of the tour. Cannibal Rock and Larry´s Yellow Wall of Texas are also a delight for discerning divers.

Awesome dive crew.
Awesome liveaboard & dive crew.

Raja Ampat

West-Papua is without a doubt Indonesia’s best diving area and one of the best dive destinations worldwide.

With over 600 species of coral, a huge variety of colourful macro creatures and numerous fish species of all sizes, Raja Ampat is a hotspot of biodiversity – this area has been rightly called a species factory by leading marine biologists.

During the trips in West-Papua, the Amira visits the most beautiful dive sites of Raja Ampat.

From Sorong the trip takes you to the coral and macro paradise of the island of Misool. Dive sites like Gorgonian Passage, Fiabacet and many more are a guarantee for colourful and memorable dives.

The second part of the trip leads to the northern part of Raja Ampat where in addition to the dives in fish rich waters the spectacular scenery ensures interest.

The cruises come to a crowning conclusion at the famous dive sites of Cape Kri and Manta Point by Mansuar.

There are many itineraries and we would be delighted to assist you in choosing one.


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