M/Y Blue Horizon liveaboard

M/Y Blue Horizon Liveaboard.
M/Y Blue Horizon Liveaboard.

blue o two operate and manage their own fleet of award winning Red Sea liveaboard vessels… M/Y blue Fin, M/Y blue Horizon, M/Y blue Melody the latest addition to the Red Sea fleet, M/Y blue Voyager. Whatever your diving experience, we can help create your perfect Red Sea diving holiday.

The blue o two fleet…
The fleet sail weekly from Hurghada and Port Ghalib (Marsa Alam) in the Egyptian Red Sea and provide a perfect mix of luxury and practicality to make sure that you experience the best Red Sea diving in comfort, style and safety.

Unlike other tour operators who rent boats, they operate their own vessels, meaning that they have complete control over the standard of the vessels themselves and also the services provided. Each vessel is expertly managed by a dedicated team of blue o two employees and the captain and crew are always on hand to assist you in any way that they can. All of the crew are fully trained in search and rescue techniques as your safety is our priority.

The highest quality fresh food is prepared daily onboard by the outstanding chefs and all ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. For your additional comfort, they provide a towelling robe and plenty of towels for the length of your stay, this includes a separate beach towel for the sun deck.

blue o two’s friendly dive guides are some of the best in the industry and specialize in areas such as marine biology and underwater photography. The In Focus Red Sea itineraries can even help you develop and perfect your underwater photography. The team will always ensure that you get the most from your liveaboard diving experience by providing informative dive briefings and helping you to develop skills in the area of diving that is of particular interest to you.

Diving in Egypt.

Beneath the crystal blue surface of the Red Sea lies a rich and diverse ecosystem, just waiting to be explored. Located between Africa and Asia, the warm tropical waters are home to more than 1100 species of fish, 200 species of hard and soft corals and 44 species of shark. This rich diversity is in part due to the expanse of coral reef that extends along its coastline.

The Red Sea is a unique marine paradise that offers some of the most spectacular diving in the world. With miles of beautiful coral reef, numerous wrecks and a vast array of marine life, from brightly colored nudibranchs and tropical fish to large pelagics such as oceanic white tips and hammerheads, there really is something for everyone! Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced diver, your Red Sea scuba diving holiday experience will be one that you never forget!

Built by blue o two in 2006, award-winning M/Y blue Horizon is our flagship fleet vessel and the benchmark for all other blue o two vessels to follow her.

With a contemporary and stylish feel, M/Y blue Horizon takes Red Sea liveaboard luxury to a whole new level and is truly deserving of the title ‘Liveaboard of the Year’ awarded by DIVER magazine in their recent industry awards.

Blue Horizon Saloon.
Blue Horizon Saloon.

With a large dining area, totally separate sky lounge with state of the art entertainment system, shaded deck area and sun deck, there is always space to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea.

Blue Horizon Double Cabin.
Blue Horizon Double Cabin.

King suite upgrades are available and all cabins benefit from air conditioning, ensuite facilities, mini refrigerators and personal entertainment systems.

M/Y blue Horizon is equipped with a nitrox membrane, booster pump, technical blending panel and is rebreather friendly making it the perfect platform for technical divers.

Blue Horizon Jacuzzi.
Blue Horizon Jacuzzi.

As well as the standard itineraries we have also created a range of speciality itineraries including; Project Shark, HAYAH Reef Clean-up and a photography workshop run by Cameras Underwater. These itineraries add a rewarding purpose to your holiday by allowing you to expand your knowledge or learn a new skill. We have employed a panel of expert dive guides to run these itineraries and optional evening seminars are conducted for your interest.

Dive Deck.
Blue Horizon Dive Deck.

Best of Brothers
Offering divers the opportunity to really get to know this legendary site, Best of Brothers is a must for all die-hard Red Sea divers!

Best of Daedalus
Best of Daedalus As the name would suggest, this itinerary offers the opportunity to explore the marine park of Daedalus Reef and all it has to offer.

Best of the Red Sea
Best of the Red Sea. Aptly named, this tour takes in the best of what the Red Sea has to offer. World famous dive sites make up this memorable itinerary – including Elphinstone, Daedalus, Rocky Island and the island of Zabargad.

Stunning reefs in the Red Sea.
Stunning reefs in the Red Sea.

Best of Wrecks
Provides a week of heavy metal for divers who love wrecks. This itinerary follows a North and Brothers route and gives divers the opportunity to explore many of the famous Red Sea wrecks.

Brothers & Elphinstone
Brother Islands offer breath-taking underwater scenery, wall and wreck diving and an abundance of marine life. Elphinstone Reef is covered in hard and soft corals and visiting pelagic are frequent.

Daedalus & Fury Shoal
Similar to the Deep South safari, this exciting itinerary allows you explore the beauty of the southern Red Sea with the added bonus of visiting the marine park of Daedalus Reef.

Lion Fish and Glass Fish.
Lion Fish and Glass Fish.

Daedalus & St Johns
Similar to the Deep South safari, this exciting itinerary allows you explore the beauty of the southern Red Sea with the added bonus of visiting the marine park of Daedalus Reef.

Deep South
This tour is slightly more challenging to the north, offering big drop-offs overgrown with huge gorgonians and colourful soft corals. Divers will have the opportunity to explore a variety of truly unique reef formations.

Deep South Borderlands
This itinerary offers the opportunity to explore the quiet and pristine dive sites as far south as the Egypt/Sudan border. With very few visitors you will be left to explore the area in virtual solitude.


Project Shark: Various Destinations – Ask us for details.
The route and time of year of this itinerary have been specifically chosen to increase your chance of diving with sharks. There will also be optional evening seminars to help you learn more about sharks in the Red Sea.

Simply the Best
Visiting Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone, this itinerary is a great all-round tour for divers with slightly more experience; offering challenging dives, big drop offs, beautiful coral walls and plenty of large fish.


RedTec: Extended Range (40-68m)
blue o two are excited to offer “RedTec Extended Range” technical and rebreather diving weeks, tailored to guests who want to enjoy technical dives in the 40-68 metre range or rebreather dives with extended bottom times.

RechTech up to 100m
RechTech up to 100m

RedTec: Extreme
blue o two are excited to offer “RedTec Extreme” technical diving weeks, tailored to guests who want to enjoy dives of up to 100 metres. Visit dive sites which are only accessible to those diving deeper than 80 metres.

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