Nautilus Belle Amie Liveaboard – Mexico



The Nautilus Belle Amie is a 135 foot, luxurious, modern vessel custom built for divers.

Luxurious, Stable and Safe Ship
When it comes to your safety and comfort, there is simply no comparison between the beautiful Belle Amie and older, narrow, unstabilized, noisy smaller dive boats. The Belle Amie is very wide in the beam (which is a good thing when it comes to boats!), stabilized with deep draft and a bulbous bow to give you the most comfortable ride possible. The ships are heavily sound proofed to allow you to have a good nights sleep and equipped with over-size watermakers allowing you to shower as often and as often as you like. The full width superstructure on all 4 decks gives an outstanding amount of space – the over-sized superior and premium suites even have full-size king beds!!
Most important of all, the ships are unique in the dive boat fleet in being built to meet SOLAS safety standards. Our certified ISM Safety Management System is audited annually by BV Bureau Veritas and provides the ultimate in dive boat safety. These are the same standards used by the largest cruise ships in the world.

The Belle Amie has accommodations that suit all preferences ranging from a luxurious VIP double premium suite to superior suites, shared or quad staterooms. There is lots of seating for everyone in the lounge, on the partially shaded sundeck and in the dining room. The only bunk beds on the boat are in the quad occupancy stateroom. All other accommodation features side-by-side hotel style beds. The boat owners mission is to cater to your every comfort from super high tech communication, email and internet at sea to stocking a wide selection of beer, wine and single malt scotches in the ship’s bar.


We offer accommodation on the Nautilus Belle Amie to suit all preferences ranging from luxurious premium suites to cost effective staterooms on the lower deck.

Premium Suites
Emerald & Cortes
Two spacious premium suites are available on the main deck. Ensuite bathrooms with double sinks and showers. Large windows, plenty of sunlight, large storage area and personal flat screen TV. Available in single or double occupancy.



Superior Suites
Cuervo, Inde, Dofleini, Rosario, Nautilus, Swell
The Nautilus Belle Amie has 5 superior suites on the upper deck. Superior rooms have large double windows. Photo shown is double occupancy, single also available.


The lower deck has 8 comfy staterooms with various bed configurations (single and double occupancy). An affordable quad occupancy stateroom is also available (not pictured).


Room Features

A dedicated and enthusiastic crew of men and women from around the world.

By far the largest and most spacious interior in this class of liveaboard.

Beautiful bedding, and comfortable details.

Windows and/or portholes in every room.

Bathrooms with showers in all suites

Internet via Wi-Fi.


With over 25 years of experience, we have a pretty good idea of when and how to get you in the water for the best possible diving experiences off Baja California (Mexico).

Our trips are scheduled to follow the natural rhythms of the most interesting Baja diving whether it’s intimate encounters with the giant mantas, dolphins and 10 kinds of sharks at Socorro Island or diving to 30 feet with the fascinating and surprisingly calm great white sharks of Guadalupe Island.


Socorro Island.

Socorro Island offers some of the best big animal diving imaginable.
For over 25 years, Socorro’s giant mantas have been interacting with divers in intimate encounters that are often the dive of a lifetime. These consistent up-close interactions with both chevron and jet-black mantas are unique in the world. We liken it to being on safari in Africa with a giant elephant coming out of the bush to go for a companionable walk with you.

In recent years, we discovered a pod of dolphins that love interacting with divers as much as the mantas. Imagine a fully grown bottlenose dolphin swimming up to you in open ocean and touching you with a pectoral fin!!
Socorro has also become known for humpback whale encounters, 10 kinds of sharks including schooling hammerheads and silkies as well as whalesharks, white tip reef, silvertip and galapagos sharks.
Socorro is a definite must-see for any diver interested in big animals.

Guadalupe Island.

Going face to face at 30 feet with Great White Sharks
Not all divers are interested in diving with great white sharks. Actually we should say “divers think they are not interested” until they get persuaded to sign up for one of our Guadalupe Island white shark adventures. The reality of diving with these fascinating animals is very addictive and very different than most divers imagine. Each shark has it’s own unique personality which becomes evident after diving to 30 feet with the great whites in our submersible double decker cages. Each submersible cage will take 3 divers and 1 divemaster. There are 3 submersible cages on the Nautilus Belle Amie, rotating 3 times a day.

What makes our diving especially unique is that we use only the bare minimum of tuna bait necessary to engage the interest of the white sharks. Great whites are able to detect even a single molecule of scent which makes it unnecessary to subject divers to slicks of oil, blood and chum on the surface. We believe that using submersible cages to dive down to where the sharks prefer to hang out combined with natural interaction provides far more shark sightings and interesting behaviour than keeping divers cooped up in tightly scheduled surface cages.
You owe it to yourself to dive with great white sharks at least once!!

For further details and for sample itineraries for either Socorro Island or Guadalupe and to check availability please contact us:

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