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Mermaid Liveaboards has been operating in and exploring Indonesia since 2000. Awards winner liveaboards operate in Komodo, Raja Ampat, Alor, Ambon, Banda Sea, Halmahera and Lembeh.

It is no secret that Indonesia has some of the best diving in the world. The professional international and local crew has been trained to the highest standards of service and safety to ensure you a trip of a lifetime.

We have two vessels for you to choose from Mermaid I and Mermaid II, both liveaboards explore Komodo, Raja Ampat and other remoste areas with amazing standards and knowledge in all the destinations of Indonesi

Welcome to Mermaid II

Our MV Mermaid II is a 33 metre, twin engine, steel hull yatch liveaboard offering 8 deluxe cabins with the option to be double bed or twin beds. Each cabin features large panoramic windows, individual air conditioning, wardrobe, storage, en suite bathroom and camera charging outlets. There are also two budget cabins on the lower deck, with air conditioning and a shared bathroom. MV Mermaid II has an indoor lounge area with TV and video on demand and a large outdoor lounge/party deck. Both lounges are very comfortable with stylish seating, perfect for relaxing after an adventurous day of scuba diving. Indonesian and Western cuisine is served on board.

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Our guests have the opportunity to dive Indonesia’s best dive sites including Komodo, Raja Ampat, The Ring of Fire in the Banda Sea, Alor and Ambon in style and comfort. MV Mermaid II has a huge comfortable dive deck and a dive platform providing our divers with easy exits and entries to the dive boats for a relaxing dive experience. Our professional and friendly crew on board MV Mermaid II is always ready to assist you. MV Mermaid II schedules year-round cruises to Indonesia’s most diverse dive sites.


Mermaid II Deluxe Cabin

All deluxe cabins are on the main deck of MV Mermaid II with large panoramic sea view windows. Each deluxe cabin can be a double bed or twin. Each cabin has individually controlled air-conditioning and an en suite bathroom. You can be assured of a fantastic night’s rest on a quality bed, fitted with minimum 300 thread count bed linens.
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Mermaid II Budget Cabin

The two budget cabins are located on the lower deck on MV Mermaid II. Each cabin has twin bunks, a vanity sink, individually controlled air-conditioning and shares a bathroom with one other cabin via adjoining doors. You can be assured of a fantastic night’s rest on a quality bed, fitted with minimum 300 thread count bed linens.
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Mermaid II Relaxing Areas

Between and after dives, guests can relax in the air-conditioned saloon, equipped with a TV, DVD player and music centre. There is also an extensive library and full range of marine life identification books. There are two outdoor decks – a shaded one with comfortable seating and the fabulous sundeck with cushioned sunbeds. They are great for enjoying the spectacular scenery, chatting with your fellow divers or taking a nap.

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Mermaid II Food & Drinks

Our chefs use local spices and ingredients in every dish to ensure you delicious meals throughout the cruise. Our buffets are a mix of Asian and Western food. Enjoy our complimentary beverage selection of tea, coffee, soft drinks, milk and juices. MV Mermaid II has a selection of Australian, Chilean and New Zealand wine to accompany our delicious food or you can enjoy our local beer. All alcoholic beverages on board are subject to an extra charge. Click here to see our price list.

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Dive Deck

There is a wide stern dive platform with two exit ladders and fresh water showers. The dive deck is huge with plenty of room to gear up, individual boxes for your dive gear, camera table and loads of rinse tanks.

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The Togian (or Togean) Islands are an archipelago of 56 islands and islets, in the Gulf of Tomini, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia. Some people claimed that Tomimi Bay is one of the calmest bay in the world. The three largest islands are Batudaka, Togean and Talakatoh. All of the Togian Islands have amazing white sandy beaches that are as of today unspoiled by masses of tourism. There are 37 villages on the islands settled by the Bajau people (Sea Gypsies).

Due to the position of the Gulf of Tomini, with the entrance of the bay facing east, the sea is not affected by the northeast monsoon (November to March). The seas are very calm throughout these months. The depth in Gulf of Tomini, except around the islands, goes from 1.000 meters to 4.000 meters.

The Togian Islands are located in the middle of the coral triangle, therefore offering some of the best diving in the world, containing up to 37% of the identified reef fishes and up to 76% of all known corals.

When it comes to diving, the Togians have it all!!! Pinnacles, atolls, fringing reefs, barrier reefs, walls, steep slopes, coral gardens, muck diving and even a WWII wreck, Bomber B-24. As for marine life, you will be amazed by the variety and diversity of reef fish (over 1.000 species of reef fish), corals and sponges. There are massive schools of blacktail barracudas, bigeye trevallies and snappers, as well as huge napoleon wrasse, bumphead parrotfish, tunas, and groupers. And plenty of small critters for those macro lovers.


Explore Komodo and beyond with Mermaid Liveaboards. Komodo has it all! Beautiful reefs, schooling fish, exciting drift dives, big marine life and amazing critters. Excellent dive sites are plentiful in this great dive destination.

Komodo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was also recently declared as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. A liveaboard cruise is the perfect way to experience the fascinating and unique dive area of Komodo.

These volcanic islands are home to the world’s most famous giant lizard – the Komodo Dragon. These large lizards do not exist anywhere else in the world. Liveaboards offer land excursions to one of the ranger stations in the National Park to see these living dinosaurs.


Discover Raja Ampat with Mermaid Liveaboards. Raja Ampat Marine Park covers a large area so a liveaboard is the ideal way to explore this amazing destination. Here you will explore one of the last frontiers of unspoilt diving. The archipelago’s pristine reefs are not only rich but the region also proves to have the greatest coral reef biodiversity for its size in the world. Raja Ampat holds: 600 islands and reefs, 1,320 fish species, 550 coral species and all that is yet to be discovered.

Raja Ampat is the epicentre of global marine biodiversity and is considered to have the best coral reef diving on the planet. From unusual wobbegong sharks to majestic giant mantas to tiny pygmy seahorses, Raja Ampat has it all! There are plenty of excellent dive sites in this fabulous dive destination, with many more to be discovered.

This area is also famous for its stunning above water scenery. The most famous image of Raja Ampat is of the mushroom-shaped limestone formations covered in dense vegetation rising out of the turquoise seas. Almost all liveaboard trips will include a visit to a viewpoint for extraordinary views and photo opportunities of these iconic natural wonders.


The Ring of Fire – Banda Sea Liveaboard trip with Mermaid I or II is the ultimate scuba diving adventure. Ring of Fire is a remote arc of islands in the Banda Sea, they are isolated even by Indonesian standards. This archipelago chain in the east of Indonesia, stretches from Timor in the southwest to West Papua in the northeast.

Volcanic islands rise out of the deep blue waters and vast seamounts are home to schooling hammerhead sharks. Uninhabited islands are fringed by untouched reefs. Underwater pinnacles are so isolated that the reefs are immaculate. All dive sites are packed full of fish life. And some are visited by large pelagics.

Giant barrel sponges and gigantic sea fans line the deep walls. Visibility is almost always crystal clear, with warm water. The diving offers large schools of fish and beautiful corals. The Ring of Fire can only be reached by liveaboard.


Dive Alor with Mermaid Liveaboards, the ultimate liveaboard adventure. Alor is the largest island of an archipelago of over 90 islands in the south east of Indonesia. Discover a hidden paradise and dive in the last frontier of East Indonesia.

Visit ancient tribes and dive unspoiled reefs. Drift over reefs covered in anemones. Be part of the critter hunts in Kalabahi Bay. Watch the lost tribe of the Abui people perform ancient dances.

We are excited to announce that Mermaid I has added exclusive Alor cruises to her itineraries! Mermaid II visits Alor as part of an extended liveaboard cruise. This fantastic destination can be combined with a cruise to Komodo, or as part of a Banda Sea or Forgotten Islands tour


Mermaid I offers exciting cruises to Halmahera. This very remote group of islands lies in-between the fantastic diving destinations of Raja Ampat and Lembeh. Join a cruise with Mermaid I and visit these three amazing areas.

Halmahera is right in the middle of the coral triangle and so you can expect astounding biodiversity. The reefs are pristine and untouched, with a scientific survey suggesting that this area is comparable only to Raja Ampat. Mermaid Liveaboards visits the dive sites around Tifore, Ternate, Bacan and Moti Islands.